Business process outsourcing, both onshore and offshore, is a very competitive business with great opportunity for those players who wish to compete by increasing productivity per FTE. 

Enlighten offers a way to raise productivity and capacity by a dramatic and sustainable margin. For BPOs, the programme means gaining greater control over capacity, cost and quality and therefore be far more competitive when the contract provides suitable rewards. This productivity and control advantage can be used as an “offensive weapon” to win new business. 

Enlighten’s transformation programme and its supporting SaaS metrics and planning systems provides the performance changes you are looking for—without the need to change your current IT systems, and without disruptive outsourcing. Over the course of twenty weeks the programme will transform your back-office culture. Your teams will be focused on performance and quality, fueled by the analytics that give every team member and manager productivity, efficiency and quality metrics.

Featured Examples of our work with clients

Retirement Solutions

Helping leading US provider of record-keeping services to grow capacity for new clients with minimal growth in FTE - 24.8% efficiency Gain in 20 weeks

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Mutual Fund Transaction Processing

Helping US headquartered mutual fund customer service organization to keep quality high and optimize capacity across on-shore and off-shore operations - 85% efficiency gain in 20-week pilot program and 107% efficiency gain overall for 700 FTE operations 18 months post-launch

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Retirement Administration

Helping leading superannuation provider to realign its commitment to clients and empower its people - 5 phase program that steadily improved daily output per FTE while simultaneously improving employee engagement and morale

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