Enlighten’s transformation program has helped a number of substantial sized banks to rapidly raise their productivity and efficiency, resulting in dramatic cost savings in well under a year. For example, Australia's largest mortgage issuer doubled their loans processed per FTE as a result of the program.

Gaining competitive advantage in retail and commercial banking can depend on back-office efficiency to increase productivity, turn loans around faster and serve customers more effectively. With increased productivity, you can capture more business, increase your market share, reduce error rates, and ensure both your employees and customers are happier. Enlighten’s transformation program and its supporting SaaS metrics and planning systems, can provide the performance changes you are looking for—without the need to change your current IT systems, and without disruptive outsourcing. Over the course of twenty weeks the program will transform your back-office culture. Your teams will be focused on performance and quality, fueled by the analytics that give every team member and manager productivity, efficiency and quality metrics.

Featured Examples of our work with clients

Mortgage Processing for Australia’s Largest Retail Bank

Helping Australia’s largest retail bank reduce operational cost per loan in mortgage processing while improving customer service and gaining market share – Increased loans funded per FTE by 100% and reduced complaints by 75%

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Loan Processing for Global Bank Serving 12 Million Customers

Helping global financial services organization to improve cycle times and increase efficiency in its price and service sensitive broker channel – Increased loans funded per FTE by over 300% while reducing cycle times by 40%

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