Life and P&C Insurance

Some of the world’s largest insurance companies have rapidly realized exceptional gains in capacity, productivity and efficiency by introducing Enlighten’s transformation program. These gains have proven sustainable.

Insurance companies have incredible potential for raising productivity and quality—and becoming more cost and service-level competitive in the process. This potential is rarely realized because there is a lack of the right operational metrics in place. Even with the right metrics in place, one needs to provide the managers with the training and coaching needed to make the most productive use of these operational metrics and planning systems. Enlighten’s transformation program involves intense on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring designed to build sustainable competence and generate the culture shift  that further drives sustainable performance gains.

Life and P&C insurance is becoming a more intensely competitive marketplace with aggressive multimedia national campaigns offering ever more attractive rates. Productivity gains and unit-cost reduction are critical for protecting or growing market share and profits.

The new business and underwriting, as well as claims areas of the insurance back and middle office, are ripe for reducing costs, raising productivity and quality—and becoming more cost and service-level competitive in the process. Enlighten’s transformation program and its supporting SaaS analytics can provide the performance changes you are looking for, without the need to change your current IT systems. Nor does the Enlighten solution call for disruptive outsourcing. Enlighten has a rapid on-site assessment process that, in the course of a single week, can provide an estimate of the gains your organization could make with the Enlighten program.

Featured Examples of our work with clients

P&C Specialty Insurance Back Office

Helping one of the largest US P&C Insurers grow capacity in centralized back office operations to handle increasing workload during phased location consolidation without over working associates – Improved efficiency by 54% during 20-week pilot project yielding $2M cost savings while maintaining quality and improving culture

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P&C Insurance Call Center

Helping one of the largest US P&C Insurers improve active management and training to improve service levels and productivity – Across multiple groups, Average Handle Time reduced 9-25% while service levels increased 58-75% in 20 weeks

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Commercial and Personal P&C Insurance

Helping one of Australia’s largest insurers improve productivity in Underwriting and Claims across Commercial Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance and Personal Home Insurance groups – Efficiency increase of 66% and Net Promoter Score gain of 136% in Year One of long-term client engagement

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