Sustainable continuous improvement is achieved by empowering leaders and teams
with actionable information that gives deep insight into daily performance. Enlighten Software provides the metrics and planning backbone that enables managers at all levels to truly transform the business.  


Balanced Scorecard

Individual, team-level and Executive dashboards provide clear visibility of productivity, efficiency, quality, employee engagement and customer service levels. You will easily be able to see if your performance goals are balanced with quality and service objectives at every level of the organization.

Everyone has a summary dashboard showing performance, quality, customer service, engagement and other key metrics for their teams. Results "roll up" for each business area.


Performance Measurement

Consistent metrics for all teams create a "common language" to help managers identify best practice and improvement opportunities. Daily, meaningful performance feedback enables target setting, coaching and performance optimization by teams. Performance data is timely, relevant and actionable.

Traffic light reports provide visibility of progress on all key metrics.


Forecasting & Planning

Our advanced forecasting methodologies predict volumes and help you model capacity requirements to ensure you are ready for expected and unexpected volume spikes. The software translates the complex interplay of volume trends and granular time standards into reliable and easy to interpret resource requirements. Long term forecasting feeds monthly, daily and weekly scenario modeling. Proactive planning and load balancing across teams and even department becomes the norm.


Continuous Lean

Enlighten's unique system makes waste visible and quantifiable. Teams know how much time is spent on value-add work, non-value-add work and waste. Waste is categorized, enabling data-based decision-making, action plans and escalations and aggregated across business areas, enabling executive insight, prioritization of improvement efforts and accurate measurement of impact.

Team-level waste reports enable teams to problem solve performance challenges.

Understand and Minimize Costs, While Accelerating Throughput

Activity-Based Costing

Analyze unit costs as well as end-to-end process costs. Identify improvement opportunities that will provide the greatest ROI. Accurately measure the cost benefit of completed process improvement initiatives.

Prioritize waste eradication and process improvement initiatives that accelerate throughput and provide the greatest customer value.

Enlighten Software Supports Management Disciplines

Energize Engagement

Participate more effectively in daily team huddles and management meetings with timely, actionable information and common metrics.

Fuel Problem-Solving

Gain visibility into bottlenecks, productivity issues and the cumulative impact of waste to prioritize and solve problems.

Proactively Manage

Create daily and weekly plans, coach team members and deliver quality with consistent management disciplines.

Balance Workloads

Understand capacity and skill requirements for the days, weeks and months ahead to optimize resource allocation across the business.

Set Targets Effectively

Use scenario modeling and waste insight to understand your team’s true potential and confidently set achievement goals.

Accelerate Gains

Measure and improve. Develop a culture of continuous improvement that rewards progress. The timely feedback cycle makes this possible.

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