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Posted on Nov 20, 2017

At Enlighten, we are committed to delivering high-level insights about operational excellence to our ever-expanding client base. That's why our team of experts regularly publish thought leadership articles and deliver in-depth advice and guidance to the industry.

Tony Tregurtha, Co-Founder & CEO of Enlighten recently published a thought leadership article about the power of staff engagement. The article provides organizations with key strategies for heightening employee engagement and for improving management style in a digitally disrupted world. The article focuses primarily on how to unlock the power of data, visible metrics and management disciplines to improve performance and encourage teamwork at every level of the organization. 

"Even basic human interaction is the key ingredient for fostering greater employee engagement. Increasing reliance on technology and removal of front line management is the recipe for disaffection and rock-bottom engagement...It may seem like a dated concept in a world of rapid technical advancement, but managers must talk to their people." (p3/4)

Read the full article to learn strategies for measuring, introducing and implementing an operational excellence program to harness the power of engagement.  

Emily McMullen, Vice President of Technology at Enlighten, recently published an article about the importance of openly sharing individual performance metrics in the workplace. Emily advocates that while people tend to fear the sharing of individual performance results, this kind of transparency and visibility is key to building a positive and productive team culture.

"Sharing individual metrics is important because it allows each team member to see how their contribution directly impacts the overall team results, which is a crucial contributing factor to high employee engagement. More specifically, positive improvements in individual contribution causes their team to achieve, or even exceed, the planned output targets for the day." (p2) 

Read the full article to learn how the milestones of Enlighten's transformation program can drive a cultural re-set led by like-minded and empowered team members.

Stay tuned for further thought leadership articles in the near future.